The consequences of Russian aggression are here.

It's War in Ukraine!

We are "FRIEND" - A Ukraine wide charity foundation in support of Ukrainian soldiers and their families. We ask you to help us support our Ukrainian heroes.

Who We Are
Who We Are

Our organization created in Rivne city in 2014 started as a volunteers movement to support our soldiers who fight for Ukraine from the very start of russian war against Ukraine.

Now with russian attack on 24 February 2022, we relaunched our activity and have established cooperation with big local businesses in order to involve all the local and international networks, including diplomatic, business, and personal connections in order to support out the country, civilians (both citizens and foreigners), our military, our territorial defense.


Helping countries




Humanitarian cargo, tons

What we need now?

On February 24, 2022, the russian federation attacked Ukraine. Our soldiers are fighting the aggressor coming from border territory of the russia, the Republic of Belarus, from Crimea peninsular territory and coastal area of Black sea. We are bombed hourly. The russian federation target hospitals, kindergartens, schools, shooting civilians who are trying to save themselves and their families.

Women, children, newborns, elderly are trapped in shelters without access to food and basic hygiene in many cities and villages that suffer the assaults.

The russian federation, led by president putin, is a great threat not only to Ukraine but to whole Europe. The war we fight is the price for FREEDOM of Ukraine and WORLD PEACE that Ukrainians are paying right know.

We know what we stand for. Stand with us. STAND FOR UKRAINE 🇺🇦

Today, Ukrainians most of all need:


✓ elastic bandages, tourniquets, etc.
✓ hemostatic drugs
✓ painkillers
✓ antivirals, sprays /tablets for sore throat, sprays /nasal drops, anti-cold teas, warming ointments
✓ cardio drugs, drugs to reduce blood pressure, drugs for people with diabetes, drugs for gastric infections
✓ baby foods (powdered baby formula, puree and etc.)
✓ diapers, other hygiene products for children and mothers
✓ children's clothing
(NO need for other civilian clothes (men's/women's). Please do not pass it on)


FOOD (long-term storage)

✓ cereals (oats, semolina, corn, pearl barley, buckwheat, rice)
✓ pasta
✓ canned food
✓ canned stew
✓ tea/coffee
✓ sugar
✓ cookies
✓ oil
✓ any other food with the longest shelf life and with the longest expiration dates



✓ helmets (kevlar helmets)
✓ body armor (4-6 class of protection)
✓ thermal underwear
✓ tactical first aid kits
✓ tactical flashlights, tactical binoculars / glasses
✓ thermographic cameras
✓ quadcopters
✓ Iridium Satellite terminals GO
✓ digital radio stations (ideally Motorola 4400)
✓ tactical gloves / tactical knee pads / tactical elbow pads / tactical sneakers and military boots / tactical pants
✓ sleeping bags / karemats
✓ unloading vests, plate carriers
✓ generators
✓ gas masks

If you can/want to help, please contact us

IF YOU WANT TO HELP but do not have anything mentioned above, you can donate money that will use to purchase needed items to support soldiers, their families, refugees and victims (children/ women/ elderly) all over Ukraine.

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