The Charitable Foundation “Friend” continues supplying food, clothing, medicine and hygiene products to regions that have been deprived of basic necessities due to the war. This time 10 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to the community of Gostomel in the Kyiv region, 10 tons to Poltava, and 5 tons to Chernihiv.

We are grateful to our partners who support Ukrainians. Now Ukraine still needs help, so the fund continues collecting essentials:

– food for long-term storage (cereals, canned food, pasta, tea, coffee, sweets, infant food, etc.);

– medicines (in particular, bandages, hemostatic and cardio drugs, medicines for people with diabetes, medicines for stomach infections, etc.);

– hygiene products (diapers for children and adults, soaps, shampoos, wet wipes, etc.);

– military equipment (bulletproof vests, unloading, Kevlar helmets, tactical binoculars and goggles, military boots, sleeping bags, generators, quadcopters, thermographic cameras, etc.).

Currently, there is no need for civilian clothes.

Any of your support brings Ukraine closer to victory. We fight for life and freedom, fight with us!